Support Racial Justice with These Charities

We know many are interested in donating to causes that support justice and equality under our law, socially, and economically, and we’ve provided a list of some charities that are actively supporting contemporary needs.

Given our offices are in San Rafael, San Francisco, and Mill Valley in Northern California, in Omaha and Lincoln in Nebraska, and in the Denver metro area in Centennial Colorado, much of the charities below focus on causes local to these regions, but several national charities are listed as well. We welcome suggestions to the list as well.

Inclusive Communities
This Omaha, NE organization has a clear mission: confronting prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination in our communities. Formed in 1938, perhaps making it the most tenured charity in this list, it began to fight vicious bigotry towards blacks, Catholics, Jews, and immigrants, and today directs its efforts to community and workplace programming towards helping create inclusive communities.
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Showing Up for Racial Justice (Marin)
This Marin County, CA organization encourages everyone to join the “multiracial movement for racial justice”, and works with local Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) organizations and community leaders towards this goal. Much of their resources are dedicated to the Marin City Health & Wellness Center, which supports African American health equity, and the Multicultural Center of Marin in San Rafael, which works with underserved communities in Marin to advance their social, cultural, and economic well-being.
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Color of Change
Color of Change is an Oakland, CA-based charity that challenges injustice and systems of inequality, and seeks to advance solutions towards racial justice and equality via public awareness efforts.
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Supporting Economic Justice & Security

Cypress Mandela Training Center, Inc.
The Cypress Mandela Training Center is a San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland, CA) charity improving the lives of individuals and families, primarily by providing economic security via pre-apprentice construction and life skills training, in addition to other employment assistance.
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National Charities

Equal Justice Initiative
The EJI works to end racial inequality, excessive punishment, and mass incarceration, famously saying “the opposite of poverty is justice”.
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Public Justice Center
The Public Justice Center seeks to “build a just society” by pursuing systemic change towards economic and racial equity, focusing on using legal tools to challenge poverty and racial inequity.
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Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Nationally and with local committees in Denver, CO and San Francisco, CA, this charity supports voting rights, fair housing and community development, environmental health and justice, and educational opportunity, and fights against discrimination in these areas and more, and works with its large network of local lawyers towards the cause of civil rights.
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Separately, on the topic of the logistics of giving, we’ve written in the past about charitable giving accounts, including the “Core Account” with Schwab Charitable, Fidelity Charitable’s “Giving Account”, or the “checkbook account” with the Omaha Community Foundation, which offers a less common no-fee product, and is therefore ideal for short-term giving (i.e., 1-3 years of funding, since the money is not earning investment returns either). The Omaha Community Foundation product is available nationally and still works with any charities you choose, just like the Schwab and Fidelity options.

Please note: Callahan Financial Planning, nor its staff, have any relationship, formally or otherwise, with any of the named charities. Additionally, while public research was utilized to inform this process, no endorsement is made as to the particular use of funds donated to any of the charities listed. If you have any feedback or suggestions relating to the charities listed, please send us a message.

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