Every year, we need the following

  • Your comprehensive federal and state 1040 tax returns
  • Include supporting documents (e.g., W-2s, 1099 forms, K-1 forms)
  • For any changes in tax situation from the previous year (e.g., change in income, employment), please also provide information from the sections below:

Income and Tax Withholding

  • Recent paystubs
  • Income expectation for any non-wage income (e.g., rental, farm, business, or other K-1 income, gambling income)
  • Income expectation for any non-managed financial accounts (e.g., savings accounts, CDs, stock directly held)
  • Quarterly tax payments paid and anticipated


  • Expected contributions to IRA and employer retirement accounts
  • Expected contributions to education savings (e.g., 529, Coverdell) accounts
  • Expected contributions to Health Savings Accounts (employee and employer)
  • Any changes in deductions from the prior year (i.e. paid off the mortgage, moved to new home, or purchased new vehicle)
  • Expected charitable contributions (and if in cash or in-kind)