We Provide:

  • No sales commissions
  • Fee-only fiduciaries
  • Objective, independent advice
  • A dedicated team of Certified Financial Planner™ professionals
  • Education, collaboration, and partnership
  • A team that ensures action and follow-through
  • Peace of mind and confidence
  • Clarity in decision-making
  • Reassurance all necessary steps are being taken

Our Retirement Planning Services Available





Plus Planning

Full access to a team of caring, local professionals

Customized planning is provided for your entire situation

Confidence your situation is being monitored on your behalf

Enhance clarity and direction of purpose when financial decision-making

Provide a sense of confidence and hope for future and retirement

Meetings available in-office or online

Comprehensive view of your entire financial situation on our website

Facilitate discovery of your goals

Outline your planning objectives

Comprehensive inventory of your resources

Identify safe spending boundaries

Help you determine how soon you can retire

Determine your optimal Social Security collection age

Identify best sources of income (year-by-year)

Develop an account-by-account withdrawal plan for retirement income

Prepare for new expenses

Strategy for funding medical costs

Year-by-year Roth IRA conversion analysis

Review your current investment portfolio

Analyze your situational capacity for risk

Discuss and analyze your tolerance for risk

Build a framework for collective investment decision-making (an investment policy statement for you and your family)

Guidance on your best investment policy, informed by evidence-based research

Research individual investments with an independent perspective

Building efficient portfolios for your personal situation

Build efficient portfolios to minimize risk or maximize return

Build efficient portfolios to minimize investment cost

Propose and execute securities trades

Develop a plan to hedge or mitigate concentrated stock position(s)

Stock option modeling, exercise timing, and its portfolio integration

Access to a low cost institutional brokerage/custodian (not available to retail investors)

Guidance on real estate investments (including return/profitability analysis) & alternative assets (e.g. hedge funds)

Review your current marginal and effective tax rates for opportunities

Research & identify each individual cost basis lot for your investments

Develop a tax plan for account location & account withdrawal sequence

Year-by-year plan to minimize future income tax rates (by shifting taxable income to other periods)

Audit your income tax return

Prepare your income tax return

Share tax projections and audit results with your tax preparer

Identify your current insurance needs

Review current coverage and recommend potential changes

Review medical and long-term care insurance needs and options in retirement

Identify & manage optimal bank/money market/cash equivalents

Funding large expenditures (e.g. relocation, new/vacation home purchase, etc.)

Provide income replacement plan and timeline upon beginning retirement

Review desired asset flow and beneficiary designations

Asset selection & timing of gifting

Goal mapping and outline of desired legacy

Recommendations on Will(s), trust(s), POAs

Minimum investment assets






Hourly: $250 (typically 10-30 hours)

Fixed rate: starting at $1,875 / quarter

0.30% – 0.95% of investments

0.55% – 1.55% / year of investments

Service period

Only # of agreed hours

Specified periods of time (e.g., 1-3 years)

Open-ended, no contract period

Open-ended, no contract period

Fee Payment Method(s)

Check/Credit Card (Initial Deposit)

Check, Credit Card, or Investment Account (Initial Deposit)

Investment Account (No Initial Deposit)

Investment Account (No Initial Deposit)

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