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Russell & Robin

Russell and Robin are a few years away from retirement, and have accumulated several investment accounts over the years. They’re seeking objective advice to identify when retirement is possible, and when to collect Social Security. They also own rental real estate and would like assistance with reducing their income taxes.

To help a couple like Russell & Robin, we would help by creating a retirement income plan that addresses when to optimally collect Social Security, how to withdraw and receive regular income from their investments, how to minimize income taxes in retirement, and how much they can expect to spend in retirement.



Henrik has had a successful career, and is hoping for an early retirement in five to ten years. Due to his work, his resources are disproportionately funded by employer stock related compensation. This form of compensation has complexities that make it difficult to diversify, along with special additional tax considerations.

To help someone like Henrik, we would create a plan that outlines the steps necessary to reach an earlier retirement. We’d start by exploring ways to protect and diversify his investments, including potential hedging strategies for his employer stock, and look for opportunities to reduce taxes in the future with income tax planning.



Teresa recently retired after a fulfilling professional career. She had been adamant about consistently saving and investing toward her retirement, and it was important to her to have a plan that made it clear she would be okay, and could retire confidently. It was also important to Teresa to move to a new home, spend more time with family and friends, travel, and provide for health-related expenses throughout retirement.

To help someone like Teresa, we would begin by identifying her available resources for regular spending needs and lifestyle priorities. We’d collaboratively develop a flexible distribution strategy designed to help her adapt to changing environments, and fund her move and healthcare needs.


Alexa & Karen

Alexa and Karen were recently married, and hope to retire in the next ten years. Both enjoy their work, but Karen’s commute has become unbearable. With children still at home but nearing college, they wanted to have a financial plan in place before Karen embarks on a career change. Additionally, Alexa and Karen have not yet completed an estate plan and desire to do so.

To help a couple like Alexa and Karen, a specially trained financial planner would help uncover their most deeply held life goals to create a practical plan that makes them possible. We would also develop a plan collaboratively that allows for Karen to leave her current job without harming the family’s other goals.


Cynthia & Jeffrey

Cynthia and Jeffrey completed financial planning in the past, and have been retired for several years. Their investment portfolio and real estate have grown to a size that they believed was more than sufficient for their own needs in retirement.

They are looking to make sure their portfolio is optimally allocated, and to find ways to reduce their income tax liability, especially for when they will begin making required withdrawals from their retirement accounts. They are also concerned their estate plan may no longer be appropriate, and their kids may not be ready to suddenly inherit a large amount.

To help a couple like Cynthia & Jeffrey, we would seek to ensure their estate plan reflects their new wishes. We’d also make ourselves available for further discussions directly with their children. To allocate the investment portfolio optimally, we’d review the current portfolios fit after completing additional risk analysis and income tax planning.

The examples herein are intended to illustrate the types of advisory services available. These stories are hypothetical and do not represent the specific facts of any individual clients. Scenarios are intended to be representations of our client types and services. The examples are in no way meant to be an endorsement of our firm or serve as testimonials about our clients’ actual experiences with us. Stories do not necessarily represent the experiences of clients, nor do they assure any future investment performance. The investment strategies and services discussed are not appropriate or applicable for every investor, and each person’s investment strategy should consider their own unique investment objectives, financial situation and needs, risk tolerance, and risk capacity.

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