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Our clients describe working with our team as both collaborative and supportive. You can expect your financial planner to be mindful and intellectually and emotionally present with you. We view our relationships by the people we serve, not the money invested.

Make better decisions with our professional experience

A client of Callahan Financial Planning has access to a team of CFP® professionals across many disciplines. Our knowledge and background in the specific areas of your need may help you avoid making mistakes you might later regret.

Your needs, not ours

Our clients begin working with us by describing their current situation. You tell us which topic areas our work should begin with, and what is most important to you to receive from your Certified Financial Planner™ professional.

Objective, independent financial advisors you can rely on

Our team is available when you need us. Every day, we answer new questions our clients present, and all clients have access to our team by phone, email, or meeting. We’re committed to providing prompt guidance to your financial and life planning questions.

Expert portfolios, informed by your values

Our staff is experienced in making investment decisions, and each portfolio is designed and informed by your exact situation, goals, and values. You participate closely in setting the investment goals and strategy, and the recommendations reflect the totality of your situation.

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A fiduciary is a person or entity that holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust. In the profession of financial advice, a fiduciary is one solely acting in the interest of a client.

A proper fiduciary avoids conflicts of interest. They also disclose all facts material to the relationship. If a potential conflict may interfere with a professional’s fiduciary duty to a client, the relationship should not be entered into. The professional relationship between a client and a fiduciary means:

  • The client always knows exactly how the fiduciary is compensated
  • The fiduciary will owe their first and foremost loyalty to their client
  • The fiduciary commits to act with diligence and without bias
  • The fiduciary will always act with honesty, integrity, and professionalism
  • The fiduciary will only charge fees for their services (and not commissions), and will only charge amounts that are reasonable for the services being provided

In the United States, the largest organization of fee-only, fiduciary-only financial advisors is known as the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), of which Callahan Financial Planning Company is a member.

Callahan Financial Planning Company and its employees have signed and are held to fiduciary oaths, in addition to their ethical oaths made as professional certificants of the CFP Board, the CFA Institute, as members of NAPFA, and under fiduciary securities laws in the state of Nebraska and the United States.

No, Callahan Financial Planning Company is an independent, Omaha-based Company that provides a unique form of conflict-free financial planning. This independence is important because:

  • Large American banks and brokerages have products for sale, and the job of their financial advisors is to distribute these. They may offer ancillary financial advice along with their product sales, but it is important to note their underlying position: selling you a product.
  • Typically brokerages, insurance companies and mutual funds have what’s known as a “revenue sharing” arrangement in place. This money has to come from somewhere, and unfortunately, it’s directly from your investments.

Our business model is distinctly different: we are only compensated by our clients. This is the only way to ensure true and appropriate recommendations can be made, and to ensure you don’t pay these extra costs. You’ll never have to second guess advice again.

We do not earn commissions or receive other forms of payment that may create conflicts of interest.

Our clients generally pay for our services as part of an ongoing relationship at a preset annual rate, but in certain circumstances we perform limited scope one time engagements for a fixed fee, depending on the type of questions/advice sought. We do not receive any other forms of compensation. You will be provided a full quote prior to beginning any work with us.

To request a quote for your situation, please go to our Get Started page.

You can choose from four different fee-only financial planning services, which are detailed on our What We Charge page.

You can learn more about our amazing team of financial planners and other staff at the Our Team page.

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  • Omaha, NE: (402) 341-2000
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  • San Francisco, CA: (415) 795-8600
  • San Rafael, CA: (415) 795-8350
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Clients of our investment management services select the investment brokerage (“custodian”) of their choice. This ensures full transparency and independence to our clients while allowing us to make the ongoing trades necessary for investment management. The two most common brokerage custodians our client’s utilize are TD Ameritrade Institutional and Charles Schwab. Assets held at TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab are SIPC insured, and cash deposits are FDIC insured up to their respective maximum federal limits.

Callahan Financial Planning Company does not receive any compensation for recommending one custodian over another, and will help you select the one most appropriate for your situation.

For those clients who are prohibited or it’s in their best interest to hold their investment assets at another custodian, special accommodations can be made with most financial institutions in the United States.

Callahan Financial Planning is not a bank or brokerage, and therefore does not ever take custody of our clients’ funds. Instead, for those clients whose assets we manage in an ongoing manner, they are held safely with the independent financial institution (“custodian”) you choose.

Clients of brokerage companies generally receive Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC) coverage of up to $500,000 should the brokerage fail or be the victim of fraud. Additional coverage can be available through private insurers, depending on the custodian you choose. Additionally, if your account has any cash deposits, you’re protected by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) coverage of up to $250,000. There are specific requirements that must be met at all banks and brokerages to ensure full coverage, so it’s important that you work closely with your financial planner to ensure you qualify.

You can visit the FDIC or SIPC directly for more information.

In your meeting, you can expect to learn more about our firm, our process and discuss your current situation, concerns and goals. This meeting, held with a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, generally lasts 90 – 120 minutes. You will also discuss any estimated costs associated with your desired investment advice and/or financial planning services.

Prior to your meeting, you will receive an appointment kit that outlines what information is needed for your meeting, including a list of requested documents and information and a personal information questionnaire. Please be sure to complete the personal questionnaire and gather the requested information to review in your first appointment.

If you have scheduled your appointment but have not yet received this information, please contact us and we’d be happy to ensure you promptly have everything you need to prepare for your appointment. To schedule your first appointment with a financial planner, get started here.

It’s easy! Choose your method of choice:

  • Toll-Free: (800) 991-5195
  • Omaha, NE: (402) 341-2000
  • Lincoln, NE: (402) 474-1200
  • San Francisco, CA: (415) 795-8600
  • San Rafael, CA: (415) 795-8350
  • Mill Valley, CA: (415) 879-9655
  • By Email