Team Accolades

Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors – 2018

Best Financial Planning Firm – 2013, 2014, & 2016

Best Financial Advisor Office of the Big O!

Favorite Financial Planning Firm Finalist in Omaha’s Choice Awards – 2016

Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioners

William A. Callahan, RLP, CFA, CFP®

President, Chief Investment Officer

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Education & Professional Background

  • Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder
  • Registered Life Planner (RLP) – Kinder Institute of Life Planning
  • Creighton University – MS – Investment Management & Financial Analysis
  • Creighton University – MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • New York University – CFP® – Professional Program in Financial Planning
  • University of Nebraska – Omaha – BSBA – Business Finance, Banking & Financial Markets, Investment Science & Portfolio Management
  • Member – CFA Institute, CFA Societies of San Francisco and Nebraska
  • Member – Financial Planning Association & FPA San Francisco Chapter
  • Member – Kinder Institute of Life Planning
  • Member – Financial Therapy Association
  • Director, Treasurer (Volunteer Community Leadership Role) – Mutual First Federal Credit Union
  • Past President and Director – Financial Planning Association of Nebraska
  • Founder and Past Chairman – Nebraska Wealth Management Conference

What Inspires William?

The opportunity to humanize the profession of financial planning: to serve others, to help families be closer, and to help others better tie their financial decisions to their life decisions.

My wife and son are a source of both joy and regular personal inspiration for me: they give me purpose and meaning.

Callahan Financial Planning has been the product of my desire for a better model in finance; one that is informed by an ethical duty to clients and the profession, and putting clients’ interests before the practitioner’s, putting lives and relationships before money.

Every day I get to work with an exceptional team of professionals doing what I love while seeing the direct impact of helping others. It gives me the energy to do more and seek for even better outcomes!

Reuben J. Brauer, CFP®

Vice President, Financial Planning

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

- Abraham Lincoln

Education & Professional Background

  • Member – Financial Planning Association
  • Men’s Group Leader – Lifegate Church
  • Past Campus Team Lead (Midtown) – Lifegate Church

What Inspires Reuben?

I find great joy in doing work that is both challenging and can have a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

As a young man, it was instilled in me to always seek to leave a person better off than they were before meeting you, and I now seek to live this out as a professional.

The greatest inspirations in my life are my faith, wife, and three boys. My goal with each day is to be a positive example of character and service to them and others in all that I do.

Developing relationships where I can help someone work towards the most important goals in their life gives me a great sense of pride and fulfillment. This is why I enjoy being a financial advisor so much, and why I intend to continue this work for many years to come.

Allison N. Cerven, CFP®

Financial Planner

“To be significant, all you have to do is make a difference with others wherever you are, with whatever you have, day by day.”

- John C. Maxwell

Education & Professional Background

  • Member – Financial Therapy Association

What Inspires Allison?

Lives lived with purpose and intentionality are where I find inspiration.

I was raised on a family farm. My mother chose to stay home with my siblings and I, sacrificing her career, while my father diligently supported us and strove to expand the farm.

After marriage, I moved to a town that was home to several generations of my husband’s family. The land surrounding our house is part of the Century Farm program: it has been owned and farmed by the family for over 100 years.

As was done by my family before me, I aspire to live purposefully, crafting a legacy that will impact those around me and those yet to come.


Rebecca A. Barnes, CFP®, EA

Financial Planner, Tax Associate

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

- Pablo Picasso

Education & Professional Background


  • Member – National Society of Accountants
  • Member – National Association of Enrolled Agents
  • Member – California Society of Enrolled Agents
  • Adjunct Professor of Professional Education – Bellevue University

What Inspires Rebecca?

Family is what inspires me. The greatest legacy we create and leave in this world is our family. Jackie Kennedy famously said, “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.” I want to raise kind, and responsible kids, and provide them with love and guidance in the process.

It is correctly said that money can’t buy happiness, and it is a tool that can help people to achieve their life ambitions. I love helping people think about their own financial needs, as they relate to their family and life goals, and working to make them a reality.

Melissa L. Smith

Executive Assistant

“Successful investment is about managing risk, not avoiding it.”

-Benjamin Graham

Education & Professional Background

  • University of Kentucky – BS  Psychology

What Inspires Melissa?

Fifteen years ago a man walked into a vet clinic I was working at with a kitten that had been hit by a car – the driver drove away. Although it wasn’t his, the man who stopped to rescue the kitten and paid for its immediate care likely never knew the effects of his kindness.

That man’s actions and the kitten’s story both serve as an example to me and my children. You can be different, break the mold, have a variety of talents, and you can still be loved.

Sometimes one small act causes a snowball effect that results in an influence on more than just one person. I believe that by doing small acts of kindness, I can trickle out positive impacts in the world.

Adam M. Hanna

Financial Planning Intern

“If I am through learning, I am through.”

- John Wooden

Education & Professional Background

  • Creighton University – BSBA – Financial Analysis & Business Analytics (2020)

What Inspires Adam?

I am the oldest of 3 in my family. My family has given me support in everything I do, and I saw my parents quietly working long hours behind the scenes to keep everything together. They have helped me while I study in college, give me advice I have used while working and supported my choice in a hobby, fishing.

The inspiration to never give up, never make excuses, work hard, be humble, and be kind is something that my parents have given me. Having the inspiration from them in my head every day is what helps get me through those late nights spent studying for exams, roadblocks at work, and hardships in life.