With 2018 now behind us, we wanted to share some exciting new things we’ve been working on for you, including:  We’ve Grown!

We expanded our team to better serve clients

  • A Tax and Financial Planning Associate, offering clients enhanced income tax scenario modeling, forward-looking year by year planning, and analysis of tax timing opportunities to reduce expected income taxes
  • A Client Service Associate focused on helping ensure we have the capacity to help clients with thousands of tasks and planning steps every year and to be there for anything that may come up throughout the year, and
  • A Financial Planning Intern, working to improve the client experience, including review meetings, online interactions, data management, and contributing to publishing research for clients.

We upgraded our online experience

We have been rebuilding our website and have been releasing its upgrades in phases, with plans to continue throughout 2019, with the purpose of enhancing the availability of more research reports to be shared with clients online.
  • We adopted a new online account system for our clients that includes live displays of your net worth, automatic updates of investments, bank accounts, loans, credit cards, and more all in one place. 
  • We have rebuilt our reporting system for investment performance to provide better analytics that has been commonly requested by clients. We’ve also begun developing new reports that can provide more answers to clients’ investment questions, and would love to hear any feedback on what you think of the changes to our reports so far (and if you’d like to request anything be added).

Tax planning and tax-loss harvesting are now even simpler

We’ve created new information sharing authorizations that allow for us to work directly with our clients’ accountants and attorneys to provide tax forms and documents, to facilitate planning collaboratively, and more.

  • We’ve been building a system to gather and inventory our clients’ prior year tax returns, including all schedules and supplements, to assist in planning and identify tax savings opportunities for you.
  • We’ve created a system to gather current year income projections to better facilitate current year tax planning.
  • We’ve also added tools that help us monitor for “tax-loss harvesting” opportunities, which is a technique used to reduce your income tax liability and to rebalance your portfolio without incurring additional income taxes by taking losses on some parts of the portfolio (and also offset gains in other parts, where applicable).

Our team is expanding the planning process

We continue seeking to provide further value to you through an expansion of our holistic planning approach.

  • We’ve initiated a wonderful life planning process which further integrates your financial and life goals with one another, inviting each family member to reflect on a series of questions to help them look inward identifying and sharing with their planner their most important values and goals.
  • We’ve created the option for naming emergency authorized contacts and diminished capacity authorities for clients who desire to utilize them. We’re honored to continue our partnership with you in 2019 and would love to hear if there is anything else we could be doing to serve you better.
With Great Appreciation,
Callahan Financial Planning