Callahan Financial Planning’s Statement for Racial Equity

“During a time of tremendous upheaval in our society, culture, and economy, we’re also faced with a painful reminder of the racism still present here today,” said William Callahan, founder and CEO of Callahan Financial Planning Company.

Effective today, Callahan Financial Planning has announced its intention to enhance its Callahan Financial Planning Gives program by doubling the annual giving to 10% of our annual income this year.

The financial advisors and staff at Callahan Financial Planning hear frequently, perhaps now more than ever, from clients making it clear that they’re looking for ways to help. To facilitate the discussion, Callahan Financial Planning has made a website available with a list of charities whose primary mission is to address the inequalities and injustices still dangerously present in our society today.

“One of our core values as a company is putting people first, and to me, that meant taking clear, immediate, and sustainable action towards healing every form of racism and prejudice still present in our society. I believe one way this can be done is directing more attention and resources towards organizations that focus on awareness and service supporting equity, justice, and equality,” stated Allison Cerven, a financial planner and chief compliance officer at Callahan Financial Planning.

This doubling of the Callahan Financial Planning Gives program does not modify the existing structure in place, where 5% of the company’s income each year is given to charities voted by clients. This supplement was chosen as a vital social need at this time by the staff of Callahan Financial Planning.

This expanded program in 2020 will begin with donations to local charities that include Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) in Marin County, California and Omaha, Nebraska-based Inclusive Communities. The local chapter of SURJ uses much of its resources to support the Multicultural Center of Marin and the Marin City Health & Wellness Center.

About Callahan Financial Planning: Callahan Financial Planning is a fee-only registered investment advisor and financial advisor with offices in Omaha and Lincoln in Nebraska, San Francisco, San Rafael, and Mill Valley in California, and in Denver in Colorado.

The firm serves individuals and families, typically close to retirement, who have some situational complexity and are seeking independent guidance relating to their investments, taxes, or estate planning and other personal finance topics.

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William founded Callahan Financial Planning and previously served as President of the firm.