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Callahan Financial Planning is a new, independent financial planning company based in Omaha, NE with a better way to pay for and receive finance advice. Aware of the conflict traditional sales staff and commissions produced, we set out to build a financial planning model to create, implement and manage financial plans to your goals… free from financial product sales.

Where did we get these ideas?

After years of working to design financial plans for clients, we were able to draw some conclusions about most of the families we served:

  • They’re generally seeking a financial planner that truly understands my unique goals and comprehensive situation
  • All their planning, investing, and saving is for future specific goals (and shouldn’t be done in the abstract)
  • They want someone they can trust- someone that doesn’t have a product to sell
  • They want financial planner to address and implement a plan for all of the financial aspects of my life, not just investments or insurance

Most importantly, we discovered that most clients felt these things weren’t happening under the current model. So, we knew we had our work cut out for us. These values became our mantra in everything that we did. This meant every decision we made had to meet at least the criteria above.

If you’re considering our services, use these values to see if we’re the right fit.

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William founded Callahan Financial Planning and previously served as President of the firm.